The Full Funnel, Low Budget, Low Maintenance, Evergreen Meta Ads Strategy for Online Coaches + Service Providers
 Designed to increase your reach, attract new targeted followers, and improve visibility of your brand - without creating any new content!

Learn the 3 Simple Evergreen Campaigns that will help you to connect with new people, nurture that connection, and invite them into a sales conversation, for less than $10/day in ad spend.

That ads aren’t worth running if you can’t invest thousands per month into them... But the truth is ads can support you at almost any stage in your business when done with intentionality. 

You just need to know you are amazing at what you do, have clarity around your goals, and already be utilizing social media to share content about your work.

The rest is just a simple, but effective, layered ads approach that you can execute regardless of your skill level.


I am the founder of DEJA - a boutique ads agency that focuses on leveraging the power of search + social platforms to support online business owners so they can impact more people through their work.  

We have been behind the screen of many ad accounts across many industries, and the truth is most people have a very one-dimensional approach to ads. But ads don't work in isolation (I will die on this hill lol) - so my team and I have developed a simple layered approach that is getting our clients results we can’t keep to ourselves.  

If you are exhausted from trying to keep up with organic algorithms, grow your business, and serve your clients all while trying to live your life, this evergreen ads strategy was designed for you!

The best part is you can implement without having to…
  • Learn all the ins and out of Meta Advertising 
  • Develop and test a strategy on your own 
  • Guess the key markers that indicate whether your campaigns are optimized and working for you
  • Invest 5 figures in ad spend on top of a 4 figure+ monthly ads retainer

It gets to be simple. 

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a full-fledged Meta ads course (because we firmly believe that's not what you need!)  

Instead, this strategy includes only the essentials you need to understand and implement it (and none of the distractions that will inevitably overwhelm you to the point of inaction). 

You're already sharing incredible content for your business - it's time to make sure it's being seen by the right people. 

Your dream clients could be just 3 campaigns and $10/day away!

Full Funnel, Low Budget Meta Ads Strategy for Online Coaches + Service Providers

Everything you need to strategize, set up, and run a low-maintenance, evergreen funnel of ads on your own. This is as close to "set it and forget it" as you'll ever get with ads!

Tara Counterman
Founder of Profitable Podcast Co + The Podfunnel Co

"I can't believe how easy that was. I have been trying to learn how to run my own ads for years now (and have invested $7,000+ in courses to teach me) and this was way more valuable. I loved how simple the setup was, I just clicked right along with the videos. And I know exactly what metrics I should be looking for as they optimize. I can't recommend this product enough!" 

Inside Full Funnel, Low Budget Ads you will receive:
The Complete Strategy Doc

This comprehensive PDF and accompanying video will walk you through the exact strategy, campaigns, budget, and key markers for each of your campaigns. 

You will be able to leverage the content you have already worked so hard to create and skip the guessing game when it comes to performance. We give you everything you need for success without bogging you down with all the ins, outs, and nuances of Meta Ads (because you don’t actually need it!).

Video Campaign Set Up Walkthroughs

We provide you with step-by-step video walkthroughs to set up each of the 3 campaigns detailed in the Strategy Doc.  

These campaigns can be set up in 10 minutes or less regardless of your technical skills!

One Payment of $397

 Full Funnel, Low Budget Ads was truly designed for you if you are an online coach or service provider who…

  • Has great content that you just need help getting in front of the right people
  • Have built your business on referrals, and are finding it to be unsustainable and unreliable as your only source of new business. You want to make a shift so you can consistently fill your pipeline with leads and break up with unpredictability in your business growth.
  • Has a modest and engaged audience, but it’s not quite big enough to match your goals.
  • Is ready to expand your reach, grow your community, and make your content more visible to your followers.

  • I am brand new in business is this offer for me?
    We suggest narrowing in on your offers, ideal client, and content creation before running ads. Once you know who you are talking to and you are making sales then we can amplify the work you are putting in!
  • What type of support is included in this offer?
    This offer includes a PDF guide with a video walkthrough and then the technical setup of all three campaigns. It does not include any other support as we wanted to keep this as accessible as possible.
  • I really struggle with tech. Will this be a barrier for me?
    These campaigns are very simple to create and you will have a step-by-step walkthrough to support you. You should not have a problem setting these campaigns up.
  • I want more in depth support in running my ads. Can you help?
    Yes, absolutely! You can message me on Instagram or send me an email and we can chat further about your goals.

  • Can you just set these 3 campaigns up for me?
    Definitely. I stand by the simplicity of this strategy for you or your VA to implement, but if outsourcing is more your style, we can absolutely still support you. Our VIP Day might be a better fit for you (specially if you still don't want the ongoing commitment of an ads management retainer). Copy the link to your browser to learn more about this option:
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